Sunday Evenings

Coral Leisure

7pm - 8pm

8pm - 9pm

3 coaches


A new 6-week Swimming block starts this Sunday 18th February.

Please note there will be NO beginner lane this block so anyone wishing to join must be able to swim 4laps of the pool without stopping and have a grasp of three of the four strokes (Freeestyle/Backstroke/Breaststroke)

A bit about us

Tuam Masters Swimming Club was founded in 2007; we started with just two lanes in what was the old Swimming Pool in Tuam.

A group of like-minded swimmers who were swimming together for a few years decided that Tuam was an ideal place to start a masters Club.

10 years later we are one of the biggest Masters Clubs in the West with over 60 members.

We now have three coaches on the deck every Sunday, two of whom are long distance open water swimmers and experienced gala swimmers who have both competed in Masters swimming, triathlon and iron man competition, our third coach is one of the most experienced adult beginner coached west of the Shannon and has thought many people who never thought they would swim all the way up to competing in National Championships and Open water racing.

When we meet

We meet on a Sunday evening and have two sessions one from 7pm – 8pm and one from 8pm to 9pm. The 7-8 pm session is aimed towards beginner swimmers to experienced swimmers. So if you would like to join come along on a Sunday evening and join up. We train in 6-week blocks, for 2017 these blocks are as follows.

Block 1 September 17th – October 22nd

Block 2 November 5th – December 10th

Block 3 January 7th – February 11th

Block 4 February 18th – April 8th (No Swimming on Bank Holidays)

Block 5 April 15th – May 13th (1.30hr sessions)

Who can join

Masters swimming is open to anyone over the age of 18; we have members of all ages including a few pensioners!

If you would like to join up drop in to the pool on the first Sunday of the block. The cost of each block is €50 which includes registration with Swim Ireland.

To help categories yourself as a swimmer you can use the following guidelines.

Beginner – Be able to swim two lengths of front crawl without stopping.

Intermediate – Be able to swim four lengths of front crawl without stopping.

Advanced – Be able to swim sixteen lengths of front crawl without stopping.

Upcoming Events

There are 3 galas scheduled between now and Christmas on the Irish calendar.

The first is the Dublin Masters gala, which can be applied for with this form and viewed here.

The Dublin gala is on the afternoon of Sunday September 24th in Balrothery (Tallaght). Please note that the 3 events of 200m Backstroke / Breaststroke and Butterfly have been added to the programme.

The second is the NAC Celtic Masters Gala which is due to take place on November 19th, more details will follow.

And Mallow Masters are due to take place on December the 2nd which Tuam Masters have attended for the past number of years.

Browse through some helpful videos here